I have always been fascinated by other people’s fantasies, and I want to listen as you confess yours. Whether you’ve seen professionals before or are exploring in this realm for the first time, I will create a safe space for you to explore your innermost desires.

Long before my love of dominance translated into professional work, I studied kink. Over the past twenty years, I have invested many thousands of dollars in BDSM training, much of it outside of the Seattle femdom community. I’ve traveled around the US and Canada for mentorship, private lessons, and workshops. I’ve studied with masters in hypnosis, dominance/submission, shibari (Japanese rope bondage), caning, and much, much more. Although my education is more diverse than my specialties, if an activity is listed there, I have trained in it formally and consider it close to my heart.

In my academic life outside my dungeon, my BA is in communication (emphasis on encoded cultural communication, directly relevant to D/S)! My graduate degree program, currently underway, is in clinical psychology and counseling.

All of my formal academic work is in disciplines inseparable from the way I practice kink. There are diverse manifestations of this, but one is that I’m constantly paying close attention to verbal and nonverbal signals from my submissives. This attentiveness helps me to make the most informed decisions. With clear communication in both directions, I can craft scenes that allow us to immerse ourselves fully in our fantasies.

Also, my pursuit of betterment never ceases. Please feel free to ask me what I’m studying now; I love to share what I’m learning, and with whom (when discretion permits)!

As you’ve probably gathered, I have extremely high standards for myself and my sessions. Because risk is inherent in many kink activities, I take extensive measures to minimize the chances of something going wrong. To this end (and because it pleases me), I am meticulous about hygiene. I always shower before my sessions and expect you to also shower or bathe before you visit me. On my tools and equipment, I use medical-grade disinfectants and sterilization procedures.

As Seattle’s most exclusive Dominatrix, I only session with those whose interests and approach to kink align with my own. I also accept a limited number of clients, and I see no more than one client per day. This ensures that both of us can have the best possible experience. If you want to see me on a particular date, I recommend that you reach out promptly.

Finally, I am a lifestyle Mistress. This means all of my relationships have elements of dominance in them, and did long before I understood what that was. Those who are permitted to book multiple sessions with me typically find that my understanding of them makes each subsequent visit increasingly pleasurable and brings them more deeply into my control.

Are you ready to book a session with me?

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