Covid Policy

As of September 2023, I have had my primary vaccines (Pfizer) and three boosters for Covid-19, including bivalent and spikevax boosters. I only see clients who have had their primary vaccines and at least one booster.


If you have had symptoms of a contagious illness in the 10 days prior to our session, or have reason to believe you've had significant exposure to one, please contact me to assess risk and potentially reschedule. This includes Covid, norovirus, RSV, influenza, and the common cold.

Significant exposure may look like:

  • You live with or have spent more than 15 minutes within six feet of someone who has been symptomatic or who has tested positive for Covid or influenza.
  • You have been on a plane.
  • You have been in a crowded space, including a concert, school event, show, or public sporting event.

I also require mutual rapid (antigen) testing before many sessions. This may be done either the morning of our planned session, or at my dungeon before masks come off. If you would like to ensure that we test before your session, I am happy to do so, and can supply a test if needed on your arrival.

Updated 3/28/24


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