So you'd like to show your devotion...

Here are a few of my favorite things. Maybe you love them too.


Gift cards/e-gift cards

I adore gift cards. Virtual gift cards may be sent to my email address ([email protected]). My favorites:

Etsy (Handmade and vintage treasures)

Anoeses (Dungeon attire from a Ukrainian maker)

Savage Wear Latex (Berlin quality, and some of my favorite designs!)

David's Teas (Creative blends to suit my every mood)

To support local businesses, I also enjoy gift certificates to Wild at Heart in Ballard and Lover's Lair in Lynnwood.


Tasty treats

Quality dark chocolates. Never milk chocolate. You may attempt to curry my favor with ones from SELEUŠS or Vosges. You may even succeed!

Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits. Garden 108 is my absolute favorite.

Real butter caramels. I prefer them like I am: dark, savory, a little sweet, and often salty.

Macarons from Lady Yum or Ladurée. From Lady Yum, I especially adore morello cherry, salted caramel, pear frangipane and honey lavender. Please only bring me flavors which are labeled on their website as gluten free, as I do not consume wheat.


From the Heart

If you're looking for a way to serve me through serving others, please consider making a charitable contribution to Old Dog Haven or to your local Humane Society. Both do valuable, selfless work.


Other tokens of your esteem


Although Wishtender is no longer able to accept payments, I maintain my wishlist there, as it remains, for my needs, the best of many insufficient options. Please contact me directly via email if you wish to send me an item from my list.


While I prefer to receive items and gift cards I've selected, I also sometimes enjoy surprise gifts. To that end:

Shoe size: 9 (Louboutin 40 to 40.5, Jimmy Choo 40)

Bust: 32DD (American sizing)

Measurements: 37"-28"-38"

Height: 5'11"

Please retain your receipt and return information for any gifts of clothing, as off-the-rack attire is frequently not well-tailored for women of my stature.

As I prefer to support small artisans as much as possible, I no longer have an Amazon wishlist.


Unless you are hungry for findom, gifts are never expected but always appreciated. If you crave financial domination, let's talk about what I expect from you.